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Balloon flights are reserved through our online reservation software and are 100% refundable minus a couple stipulations. We have limited availability for all flight windows; arriving on time for you scheduled flight is extremely important.

We do not charge for a canceled flight on our end, ie bad weather.
We do have a 5 day no cancelation policy from the date of your flight. If it’s May 4th and you’re booking a flight for May 24th you have until May 19th to cancel your reservation or change your flight date. If you cancel within the 5 day window you will be charged full rate.
If the weather is bad for your flight window (determined by us, not you) and you are not available for another flight window we will gladly cancel your reservation at no charge.
We also will reschedule you at no charge as long as you’re outside the 5 day window.
We do not allow passengers to cancel reservations because you “looked at the weather and determined from your phone app that it won’t be flyable. That’s our job. These instances will be charged 100% of your scheduled reservation.

“What if I book on Friday for a Saturday flight, am I locked in with no refund if I change my mind?”

If you book a flight the day prior to the day you want to fly, you are locked in for that flight date, if we do not fly due to bad weather we will give you 100% refund on your reservation so that you have peace of mind when booking. We understand a lot of people are traveling into town on a set schedule and we will work with you the best we can to get you airborne. We always recommend booking on the first day you are available to fly during your stay that way if the weather is bad on your flight window we can move you and your party to the next available flight window.

No-shows on the scheduled flight date will be charged the full rate of the scheduled reservation. If you cancel within 5 days of your scheduled flight you will be charged full rate for your balloon flight. If you need to reschedule more than 5 days outside of your flight date, we will work hard to make another flight date available for you.

Gift Certificate purchases

All Gift Certificate purchases are valid for one year from the purchase date and are final.

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Safety is number one

We have thousands of hours of flight experience with a perfect safety record and we will do our best every flight to maintain that record.

Have a question or two about safety?
Contact us below and we’ll answer any questions promptly so you feel safe on your balloon ride.